While we’re all stuck at home, now is the perfect time to learn more about The American Legion. Understanding and training are important to the future of our organization, and both National https://www.legion.org and Department https://www.ialegion.org have introduced online education and training programs designed to increase our knowledge and effectiveness.

There are big changes coming to MyLegion.org! https://www.myLegion.org All members should sign up for myLegion.org to stay informed with things like digital back issues of the Legion Magazine and Digital Dispatch the latest news and benefits of being a Legionnaire and veteran. All you need is your Legion Membership number. to register.

Take the Basic Training Course on the National website https://www.legion.org/alei/basic-training. Commander Gary Whipple said “I never knew so much Legion history or that the Legion does so much for so many different people. This is a valuable tool for vets and Legionnaires to learn more about the proud history and accomplishments they are part of.” It’s still a good idea to take the Basic Training Course wether you are thinking about joining are are interested in making a difference to your community, State and Nation.

There are courses and videos anyone can view and learn about programs that interest them, complete with brochures to print, many times videos from various sessions and other tools to help you get started on a Post level. All of our manuals and operating instructions are right online.

October 2020, National initiated Training Tuesdays to be held the last Tuesday of each month at 7 pm. The first session was on Post Administration and being a successful Post. All of the sessions are recorded and online. You can learn about Legion programs like the National Emergency Fund (NEF); the Temporary Financial Assistance (TFA), and Operation Comfort Warrior (OCW).

If you have questions about membership, please call or email Adjutant Brian Ring, (402) 670-2168 brianring.legion@outlook.com, or 7th District Membership Chairman, Jim Schoening, (712) 525-1170 scpost439@msn.com. Don’t forget he LEGION Act signed into law to ensure no veteran is left behind and at least given the opportunity to be a Legionnaire! Now those vets that didn’t fall into a period of serve now do! Let’s make them welcome as they should have been all these years. 

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