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7th "Pioneer" District in Motion

Posts can submit Member, Post and County articles for publication on the website via email to seventdistrict@ialegion.org.


Several Posts met or exceeded their membership goals for 2021. Great job!

Anita Post 210

The Post Honor Guard attended the Iowa State Fair in August. Here they are posing with another parade entry.

Sydney Post 128 Instilling Americanism

Americanism is important and Sydney Post 128 is leading by example when they provided their local school American Flags for their classrooms.

District President Blazek

7th Pioneer District Auxiliary President delivers donation to the Fisher House in Omaha, part of the Western IA/NE VA Healthcare System.

7th District Commander, 2019-2020

District Commander 2021-2023

Amy Muse

Amy Muse hails from Glenwood, IA. At the Spring Conference in Silver City, Amy was elected to the office of District Commander .

Our 2021-2022 District Team

Organizational Structure

Each post in The American Legion is a separate and distinct unit of our organization. Each post functions independently of other posts. The District Commander and entire team has the responsibility for providing the link between individuals, posts and department. The department, in turn, provides the link between the districts, and your national office ties all 55 departments together. The part the District Team plays in this communication process is vital to the success of The American Legion.

7th District Organization

7th District Vice Commanders, 2021-2022

7th District Zone Vice Commanders

Stanley Slaven, Post 547

Stanley Slaven, Post 547

Zone 1 Vice Commander

Area of responsibility: Harrison and Shelby counties. Contact information:

107 3rd Ave, Portsmouth, IA 51565

Tele: (712) 743-3663

Email: sslaven@iowatelecom.net

Lynn Zajicek, Post 372

Lynn Zajicek, Post 372

Zone 2 Vice Commander

Area of responsibility: Guthrie and Audubon counties. Contact information:

310 S.E. 4th St, Panora, IA 50216

Tele: (641) 757-0311

Email: lynnzajicek@gmail.com

Sharlene Anderson, Post 2

Sharlene Anderson, Post 2

Zone 3 Vice Commander

Area of responsibility: Pottawatomie and Mills counties. Contact Information:

1468 Indian Hills Rd,Council Bluffs, IA 51503

Tele: (712) 309-5640

Email: sfcandersonsd.retarmy@gmail.com


Mitch Braums, Post 43

Mitch Braums, Post 43

Zone 4 Vice Commander

Area of responsibility: Cass and Adair counties. Contact information:

68384 770th St., Messena, IA 50853

Tele: (712) 590-0323

Email: mitchbrams@gmail.com


Gary Whipple, Post 128

Gary Whipple, Post 128

Zone 5 Vice Commander

Area of responsibility: Fremont, Page and Montgomery counties. Contact information:


Tele: (712) 313-0126

Email: glwhipple@gmail.com


Terry Joynes, Post 578

Terry Joynes, Post 578

Zone 6 Vice Commander

Area of responsibility: Adams and Taylor counties. Contact Information:

P.O. Box 193, Gravity, IA 50848

Tele: (712) 542-0128

Email: tandj49@yahoo.com

7th District Executive Committee


Brett Larson
Post 725


Jared Muse
Post 141

Service Officer

Darlene McMartin
Post 720

Finance Officer

John Jensen
Post 322


Barry “The Hawk” Hiller
Post 141

County Commanders

-or- Post Commander of the Post in the County Seat town

Judge Advocate

Dwight Dinkla
Post 124


Janet Olson
Post 88

Veterans Bring Iowa Federal Dollars

Veterans are crucial to Iowa’s very livelihood! If $19,933,900.00 does not get local, county and state officials to recognize the power Iowa Veterans bring to the table, then we are not communicating this information. This dollar amount was the VA total expenditure in Iowa FY 2020. For the latest VA Expenditures: https://www.va.gov/vetdata/expenditures.asp 

Another way of looking at this information is that Congressional District 3 Veterans brought $5,035,400.00 into our Congressional District in total VA expenditures. This represents Iowa jobs, federal tax dollar in Iowa’s economy, medical care received that may have not normally been paid for providing Medicaid and Medicare relief for other Iowans.

Veteran Population in 7th District

Veteran population estimates, as of September 30, 2020, are produced by the VA Predictive Analytics and Actuary Service.

Dollar Amount of Medical Care Veterans of 7th District Received

Medical Care expenditures include dollars for medical services, medical administration, facility maintenance, educational support, research support, and other overhead items. Medical Care expenditures do not include dollars for construction or other non-medical support.ice.

Dollar Amount of VA Compensation & Pension Veterans of the 7th District Received

 Taken from the Annual GDX FY 2020.

The Compensation & Pension expenditures include dollars for the following programs: veterans’ compensation and pension (C&P) for service-connected disabilities; dependency and indemnity compensation for service-connected deaths; veterans’ pension for non-service connected disabilities; and burial and other benefits to veterans and their survivors.

Dollar Amount of VA Education & Rehabilitation Veterans of 7th District Received

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Amy Muse, 7th District Commander

(712) 310-5598


Jim Schoening, 7th District Membership Chairman

(712) 525-1170

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