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District #7 Iowa now has a “WALL OF HONOR.”  Any Honorably Discharged District #7 veteran, living or dead, is eligible to be listed. Send $10 donation or more for each Honoree to the District #7 Commander/Finance Officer with the vets info(see application form). Listings will be in the order received, and the donated funds will be used for 7th District programs serving veterans, youths, and activities!

Earl F. Schenck, Army Sgt WW11, POW(Germany-27mos), Bronze Star,Past Cmdr Post 98, Clarinda, Deceased
Orvis Wagaman,Army Sgt WW11, POW(Germany-27mos), Bronze Star, Past Cmdr Post 251,  Villisca, Deceased

Elvin L. Moritz,  Army Sgt WW11, N.Africa, Italy, Post 251, Villisca, Deceased
Erick R. Nelson, Army Pvt WW1, Post 251, Villisca, Deceased
Burton L. Delffs, Army WW11, Past Cmdr+many other offices held Post 98, Clarinda, Deceased
Estel D. Combs, Army PFC WW11, Silver Star, Past Cmdr Post 300, New Market, Deceased
John Dean McNees, Marine Corps Cpl Korea, Past Cmdr Post 300, New Market,7Dist VCmdr, Deceased
Robert Hill,  Army Col Korea, VietNam, Bronze Star, Purple Heart, Past Cmdr Post 2, Council Bluffs, Dept VCmdr
Walter Bice, Past 7Dist Cmdr, Past Cmdr Post 508, Griswold, Deceased
Lon E. Luttrell, Army Cpl VietNam, Past Cmdr Post 164, Bedford, Past 7Dist VCmdr,  IA SAL Det VCmdr, 7Dist SAL Advisor, SAL Squad 164 Cmdr
Lonzo E. Luttrell, Army Airborne WW11, Post 164, Bedford, Deceased
Clarence Robert Pfundheller, Navy Chief BosomMate, WW11 Pearl Harbor,  Post 265 Greenfield,  Past Cmdr
Maurice Hoxie, Navy 3rd Class Petty Officer WW11, Past Cmdr Post 88, Shenandoah
Glen Brinck, Army Major WW11, Past Cmdr Post 88, Shenandoah
Don Petersen, Navy AO 2nd Class WW11, Past Cmdr Post 88, Shenandoah
*******************************Above Read 21Apr2012@ Council Bluffs Post #2*******************
Marlin Tillman, Army Col , Past Dept Iowa Cmdr, Past District #7 Cmdr, Past Cmdr Post 88, Shenandoah

Kenneth Mathis, Air Force, Airman 2nd Class
James Kearney, III.,Army, Sgt Afghanistan, KIA, Emerson, Deceased
Jamie Skalberg, Army, Sgt Afghanistan, KIA, Emerson, Deceased
Wendell D. Nelson, Navy SeaBee WW11, Post 251, Villisca, Deceased
Brandon Buttry, Army, PFC Afghanistan, KIA, Shenandoah, Deceased
Donald E. Wilson, Army Cpt, VietNam, Bronze Star, Legion Merit, Post 88, Shenandoah
James J. Nye, Navy Sr Chief, VietNam, 3Bronze Stars,VNam Service,Campaign,Gallantry Cross, Navy Commend,Sea Service,MeritoriousUnit ,etc.medals,Past Cmdr Post#88 Shen,7Dist Judge Adv,Dept Liaison Cmte
Darwin L. “Rosy” Rossander, Air Force, VietNam, Past 7District Cmdr, Past Cmdr Post 406 Stanton, Dept Iowa Shooting Sports Chair/Instructor, VFW Life member, “Ole Award” recipient, Deceased


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Personally, I am happy for Bob and Jani Bergdahl. Their son is alive. They get to wrap their arms around their son, but they do so knowing his actions are the reason the families of PFC Morris Walker, PFC Matthew Martinek, SSG Clayton Bowen, SSG Kurt Curtiss, SSG Michael Murphrey and 2LT Darryn Andrews welcomed home a flag-draped coffin. These heroes are added to the Wall. Now we need to deal accordingly with Bergdahl!
No Additions
Hugh Bell, Air Force, Col WW11, Past 7Dist Cmdr, Past Cmdr Post 88, Shenandoah
Robert D. Blasi, Air Force, SSGT Korea, Past Cmdr Post 141, Glenwood, Deceased         
Ronald C. Hurst,  Army, SSgt WW11, 3 Bronze Stars, Purple heart, Combat Inf Badge, Post 141, Glenwood, Deceased
                 ********************* Above Read 23Sept2017 @ Carson Post #556 **************************************

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