CANCELLED 7th District Spring Conference

“Team 7th District,

After much thought and consideration of the evolving COVID-19 (Coronavirus), I have decided to error on the side of caution and cancel the 7th District Spring Conference, which was to be held on the 21st of March in Shenandoah at Post 88. I have spoken with the Department Commander, Adjutant, as well as most of the 7th District Executive Counsel and informed them of my course of action. Ultimately, the decision was mine to make and after doing objective Risk Management, it was evident to me that the only clear choice to make was the one that protected our aging members and cancel. The Executive council is working on a plan for the District Commander election as well as one to fill all of the required positions that Department needs for National Convention and other key roles. I will send another email just as soon as the process is worked out.

Please look out for one each other and be safe.

For God and Country,


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