I would like to thank all of the Post who were represented and especially those who hosted the National Vice Commander Bruce Feuerbach.

During his talk, National Vice Commander Feuerbach discussed LEGION Act. He stated that yes we want all wartime Veterans and always have. Through the hard work of Legionnaires and National Resolutions Committee, Congress finally listened and POTUS signed the LEGION Act.

All Legionnaires responsible for our membership, get everyone involved, not just the executive team! Many awards for giving Veterans the opportunity to become Legionnaires!

He stressed the importance of Conducting Buddy Checks anytime! Checking on Veterans in your community along with members in your Post. Ask if they have Unmet Needs and provide resources. (This isn’t a new concept to post-911 Veterans. They may be used to Battle Buddies, but this is the same concept).

Bring excitement and motivation to you Post meetings, events, and interactions with the Community. The Legion tackles some serious issues led by our Four Pillars at the grassroots Post level, but comradeship and having a good time building relationships is so important.

Share the Post’s successes! Success of community support initiatives. Success of Post functions. Success of your members and their families. Share on social media, with your local paper, during your Post meetings, at membership dinners, with your County and District!

Tell your story! We all have our own stories and our commonality is wearing the cloth of The Nation in many varied ways. Ask others to share their stories. Share your Post’s history. (Centennial website is great place to start. Sharing stories is key to building relationships and offers you an opportunity to grow as a person!).

All it in all a great event for everyone who attended.


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