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“There’s still time to remember our Armed Forces, to express our profound gratitude to those keeping watch on faraway frontiers of freedom. . . . There’s still time to remember the deepest truth of all: that there can be no prisons, no walls, no boundaries separating the members of God’s family.”

President Ronald Reagan , Christmas 1985

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Commander’s Goal 2020

Tools for Membership

District Retention Goal is 5%...

Is your Post up for the challenge?

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Is your Post giving the right message?
Your local Post is the heart of your membership. Ensure you are welcoming all veterans and service members, both male and female, not just one or two war eras and current members.

Feeling unwelcome is the biggest reason veterans give when they are asked why the don’t belong to the local Post. Many veterans are Legionnaires listed in the 729 Post, regularly paying dues each year, but not part of their local Post. Why are they not joining your Post?

Are your newest members active?
Ensure you have a program, such as a welcoming team or committee, to acknowledge and recognize new members. Beyond a simple thank you, ensure new members are sent welcome letters and new member kits with information on vital Legion and Post programs. Make an effort to build relationships with new members beyond the Post walls.
Are you retaining members?
Communication is imperative. Pick up the phone. Do a Buddy Check. See how they are doing. Ask if your members have any immediate or unmet needs or know someone that does. Ask them for ideas and get their input and mentorship. Communicate for reasons other than getting dues.
Do you have active members?
Ensure you have a program to acknowledge and recognize Post renewals, not just new members. Find ways to thank your members for staying at the local Post. Remind members what programs yearly dues support. An active membership speaks volumes about the success of the local Post.
What does your Post offer its members?
Offer exclusive members-only programs and benefits for paid members. Ensure non-members pay a higher fee than members. Publicly recognize and reward membership milestone anniversaries. Have programs that recognize members for participation at any level.
Are you including the entire Legion Family?
Make certain you include and encourage the entire family to participate in Legion activities and programs. Did you miss any spouses who have served the military in any way? Involve kids in Legion programs and offer contest participation and appropriate scholarships to the children of your members.
Communicate events, programs, benefits, available resources, accomplishments of the Post and its members, and the time and money spent towards the local Post and community. Brag a bit! Communicate with local media, government, and organizations and collaborate to advance similar goals.


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Gary Whipple, 7th District Commander

(712) 313-0126

Jim Schoening, 7th District Membership Chairman

(712) 525-1170

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