From the District Commander: Greetings fellow Pioneers, I hope this article finds you doing well and that the heat of the summer hasn’t been too bad for you. I am excited and honored to be your 7th District Commander and in attempt to make our communication better, I have established a newsletter which will be published monthly. As you know, District 7 is broken down into 6 Zones and as we progress and grow this newsletter, I will get input from our Zone Vice-Commanders so that each zone is represented. When I get information from State and National, I will get it to you so you know what I know. This is your newsletter, so if you have any ideas or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to reach out and let me know.

My process is simple and straight forward

I want to share my experience and knowledge as a 31-year Enlisted Man and Naval Officer of the United States Navy. My vision is to energize and enrich District 7 at every level of operation and execution of post functions, recruitment, and revitalization. During my 31-year career, I have been a commanding officer and senior program manager of several commands and national programs. I have executed and managed multi-million-dollar budgets and led several hundred sailors who served under me in my command.

Drawing upon that knowledge, I will develop two programs. First, I will implement a District wide recruitment program using multi-media, social media, and a “Get Out the Word” campaign to stop the erosion of our membership numbers. Secondly, I will have an open and active line of communication with all Posts, stressing the importance of operating with brilliance at the basics. We will achieve this brilliance by ensuring that each Post adheres to written instructions when running their Posts, keeping records, and following guidelines set forth by State and National Headquarters.

Goals for my term

1) Have District Officers visit each post

2) Establish monthly District Newsletter to include “Membership Impact Report”

3) Establish a District-wide Email group that reaches every Post via an email list

4) Membership: Increase membership retention by 5%

Thank you one and all for what you do for our state and country.

If there is anything your 7th District Team can do for you or your post please call or email one of us. Your 7th District Team looks forward to visiting your Post and having a great year of working together!

Respectfully and Humbly and For God and Country,


wide Email

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