District Post Incentive Awards 2021-2022

To qualify for the District Post Incentive Awards, a Post can earn one of three levels of monetary awards (highest level achieved) and accolades at 2022 Spring Conference. The Post Reorganization and Revitalization budget line item is being increased to support these incentive awards. The funds for this line item have not been used in at least four years.

These incentive awards support Post Reorganization and Revitalization efforts by supporting the District Commander’s “Be a POC Campaign” and The American Legion’s Buddy Checks to reinforce her Priority #1: BIG 3: Retain, Recruit, and Revitalize.

These awards also recognize Posts that help support its local veterans, community events, and projects. Increasing community support and involvement is rewarding by itself, but getting involved also boosts the visibility of your Post and The American Legion Family through community service beyond Honor Guard and Funeral Details.

Though many Posts are most likely already active in the community and will qualify without extra effort; however, other Posts will need to increase their efforts in one or more areas to qualify for one of the incentive awards.

The standard for each incentive is as follows:

Level 1

Be a POC Campaign and Buddy Checks Post Incentive Award………………$100.00

First, a Post must identify 2 members outside the Post Executive Committee (no elected leaders) to act as Points of Contact (POCs) for the community. Too often, Post leadership is the only resource available. Secondly, a Post must also conduct Post-wide Buddy Checks. The District Commander will spot check each qualifying Post by doing her own Buddy Checks and ensuring POCs are posted on the District Facebook page and website for your Post.

Level 2

Local Community Involvement Post Incentive Award………………………….$150.00

The Post must conduct 2 additional event(s) and/or support a project(s) that connects the local community with The American Legion Post. Every Post is different, just as every community in SW Iowa is different. The objective is to get Posts more involved in the local community beyond providing Honor Guards and Funeral Details.

Posts do not need to have a physical building to accomplish this. Be creative. Think outside the box. The District Vice Commander (Zone) is responsible to certify the Post has completed 2 community event(s) and/or supported a community project(s). The District Vice Commander (Zone) will submit a statement of validation for Posts meeting the criteria to the District Commander.

Validation should include the Post name, POC phone number, Post address and Commander’s name and enough details about the event to write a short article to be released on the District Facebook page and website, such as a press release that could be submitted to the local media. (see annex A below). Please submit electronic pictures to help tell the story!

Level 3

District Post Incentive Award for Excellence………….……………………….$350.00

The Post must complete both Level 1 and Level 2 and have 101% membership by January 31, 2022 with a minimum of 15 active paid members in the Post and participate in one Americanism program*. Only a viable Post that is actively reaching out to current members and other veterans in their community, while supporting local events/projects is going to be able to meet the condition for Post excellence. Posts are going to need to use MyLegion.org, work the Department 729 list, ensure the Post has points of contact to develop a program that can be used every year to achieve Post Excellence.

Bonus Award: If you have earned Level 3 District Post Incentive Award for Excellence, can produce monthly minutes for 11 months, and a current 990 tax form, the District will also buy you a non-reflective informational road sign from Emblem Sales with your Post Meeting day and time to be presented at Spring Conference. https://emblem.legion.org/Information-Road-Sign-20×30-Non-Reflective/productinfo/760.120/ (a $229.00 value + shipping).

  1. Flag Education Program
  2. 5th Grade Flag Essay Contest
  3. High School Oratorical Scholarship Program
  4. American Legion Legacy Scholarship Applicant
  5. Post School Awards Program
  6. Boys and/or Girls State
  7. Junior Shooting Sports
  8. Patriotic Holiday Programs
  9. Veteran of the Month Program
  10. Eagle Scout of the Year Scholarship Applicant
  11. Support local Boy and/or Girls of America
  12. Adult Literacy Program

There are other Americanism programs. For more information go to https://www.legion.org/documents/legion/pdf/americanism_chairmans_guide.pdf

In addition to this incentive program, the District supports local Posts that participate in High School Oratorical and Fifth Grade Flag Essay Contests.

The District awards the High School Oratorical Contest District winner ($300.00), second place ($175.00) and all other participants ($25.00). Post Leadership should attend all contests in support of their contestant and to take photos after the contest.

Fifth Grade Flag Essay Contest District winner ($50.00) and 2 runners-up ($25.00) to be presented by the Post. Please let the District Commander know when and where and send any pictures taken.

PDF District Post Incentive Awards 2022

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