7th District Fall Conference, Williamson Post, IA
October 18
, 20

In attendance:
Mills County
Pottawattamie County
Cass County
Adams County
Fremont County
Page County
Taylor County
Opening/Prayer was at 0900
Minutes were approved for February 15th in the April 11th, 2020 motion to approve conference rules first by Jim Carney and seconded by Alan Shank motion approved.

District Executives in attendance were Brian Kessler-SAL Department Commander, Heather Owens-Department Service Officer, Theresa Shaw-Bookkeeper for the Department, Dean Olson- Past District Commander, Allen Schank-Past District Commander, Brad Powell-Past District Commander, James Kearney-Chaplin, Amy Muse-Zone 3 Vice Commander, Mitch Brahms Zone 4 Vice Commander, Brett Larson- 7th District Seven Adjutant, David Mullen-Williamson Post Host, Brian Kessler-SAL Commander represented his dad Jim Kessler-Iowa State Commander.

Brain Kessler-SAL Commander spoke on:

  • The COVID-19 challenges finished as we are 11th in the US or 108%.
  • We have eight new squadrons.
  • We received 105% of Ward 4 555 Triple Nickel.
  • Iowa received a National Award.
  • We need a renewal goal of 95%.
  • Please donate to the National emergency fund 7th
  • District sales has 147 members or 46.52%.
  • National raised the dues to $11 from $8.

Brian Kessler read a note from Jim Kessler Iowa State Commander who is not here,

  • Service Officers are a great benefit for us.
  • Legislature issues we are on top.
  • Membership 7th Place Nationally. 90.5% Iowa’s goal.
  • Big 12 Department bid against each other by March.

Heather Owens Department Service Officer

  • Spoke on states fiscal year 2020, we had 5 full time Service Officers
  • Fiscal Year 2020 had $18,987,000
  • Read overview of VA paid benefits most of VBA’s, VBA’s were via teleconference calls.
  • For the year American Legion serve 64% of Veterans in Iowa.

Theresa Shaw-State Legion Office

  • Membership Renewal by November 21st.
  • Firefighter and Police Officer of the Year is are by November 30th.
  • National Commanders Pin for three new members.
  • Mid-Winter Conference is February 12th through the 14th and Des Moines.
  • 5th grade Flag Essay contest will be forwarded to the District by January 2nd, 2021, Educator of the Year by April 1st.
  • 2021 mylegion.org is going through transformation.
  • Jr. Shooting Sports will be at Camp Dodge March 20th.
  • 2021 Oratorical deadline local is due by December 6th, County by December 20th, the contest for the District will be Jan 31, 2021 at Red Oak, Iowa.
  • Department finals will be February 14th we need to adhere to COVID-19 guidelines.
  • June 13th through June 18th Boys State at Camp Dodge $250 by December 31st is owed after
  • January 1st it’s $300 National Emergency funding is available.

Jim Schoening Membership 

  • Reports of the county members Pottawattamie County had 503 or 58.97%.
  • We have 2196 memberships 63.9%.
  • Our goal is 3335 currently were in 7th place.
  • We have 390 paid for Life members.
  • Doug Vance will help train with mylegion.org and how to process memberships for each post.
  • 5th Grade Flag Essay will need to be sent to Gary Whipple by December 15th, 2020.

Gary Whipple 7th District Commander Shooting 

  • We have 45 contestants on March 14th.
  • We have 4 teams for High School kids on 20th March at Camp Dodge.

Alan Schank Oratorical 

Each Post need to get ahold of the Schools Government Teacher by December 6th.

Legion Riders Doug Vance 

  • Stuart, Iowa is our new chapter.
  • Glenwood had a memorial ride.
  • Legacy run was canceled this year. 
  • Overview on how to become a member.

National Affairs by Brad Powell

Applications are due November 30th for firefighter and police officer of the year.

Finance Committee by John Jensen.

  • We have $12,500 in the Credit Union account which gets 2.5% interest rate per year.
  • We have checking at Treynor State Bank $32,193.44.
  • Expenses were reviewed we need a budget committee and a three-year term for Finance Vice. We need to have a committee Finance meeting within 30 days of the meeting.
  • Motion to file Finance report is approved.

Old Business:

We need to draw the winner for the Coin raffle tickets.

New Business:

There is a new Fisher House at the VA.
Donations to our yearly National Emergency Fund.

Finance Officer John Jensen

    • The Finance Committee will include the Adjutant, Current Commander, a Consultant including 3 Past District Commanders Dean Olson, Joe Jarden and Brett Martin.
    • Motion was to approve Donations approved 1st by Alan Schank and 2nd by Doug Vance.
    • Suggestions on how to have a virtual meeting by Alan shank and Doug Vance.
    • Dean Olson, Chairman of the Constitution and bylaws Committee will include the Adjutant Brett Larson and Commander Gary Whipple.
    • We have 74 tickets sold for the coin collection raffle and Frank McMullen of Massena, Iowa won.
    • The By-Laws and Constitution Committee, Dean Olson Chairman will have a meeting November 1st Sunday at 2 p.m.
    • Finance Committee will meet to discuss and approve a budget on November 1st Sunday at 2 p.m. 

District 7 meeting was adjourned at 12:45 p.m.

//Approved Minutes Signed by Adjutant and Commander//

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